Bathroom Transformations to Relax and Refresh

Whether getting ready for the day or preparing for bed in the evening, many people spend a lot of time in one particular room in their home: the bathroom. It makes sense that a homeowner would want this space to be somewhere where they feel relaxed and refreshed. With some simple bathroom remodeling, homeowners can create a spa-like environment right in their own home!

Start Small

Even a small bathroom can feel like a rejuvenating spa. The first step to make any bathroom feel more relaxing is to clear the clutter. With creative storage options, homeowners can keep items accessible but out of sight, creating a cleaner look. Homeowners should consider pretty baskets or wall storage to keep items within reach. Other visual touches such as painting the room in earth tones, installing dimmer lights and using wood or faux wood tiles establish a soothing atmosphere.Thyme-Bathroom-RGB

Install Spa-Like Features

Whether overhauling an existing bathroom, remodeling just a little, or undergoing new construction renovation, equipping a bathroom with features like a deep soaking tub, a towel warmer and a massaging showerhead are instant ways to give a space the spa touch. Homeowners can enhance their space with relaxing sounds by purchasing a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can play music from their portable device.

Appeal to All of the Senses

Not only do homeowners want their bathrooms to look, sound and feel relaxing, but they also want to appeal to their senses of smell and taste as they complete their bathroom remodeling. While candles are the usual choice for giving a room a pleasant aroma, oil diffusers are a safer option for the bathroom. A small tub-side tray is the perfect place for holding a glass of wine or champagne for savoring during a relaxing soak.

Create a Getaway

As homeowners tackle their bathroom remodeling or redecorating projects, they should keep in mind that the bathroom should be a place where they can get away, especially for those times when they want a long bath. By creating an enclosure around the bathtub, using permanent fixtures or a special rod and shower curtain, homeowners can separate it from the rest of the space. Looking at pictures of other successful bathroom renovations can help generate ideas.

With a few simple changes, anyone can quickly and affordably transform their bathroom into a personal spa. Homeowners can begin and end each day with a feeling of relaxation and refreshment after spending time in their soothing space.

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