Building a Pet-Friendly Home

Image of Pet Friendly Home - MLM IncorporatedIt’s possible to live happily and peacefully with animals in a residence. Home remodeling can help consumers ensure that everyone coexists positively with a few simple steps.

Make a Designated Space

Everyone needs their own space, including animals. Home remodeling can help create a special area for furry family members to relax. Adding a gate to a living room renovation project, for example, can keep a pet confined so that it’s hair does not spread throughout the house. Conversely, building a ramp can help an older pet make it up the stairs or onto its favorite piece of furniture. A kitchen remodeling project could include a special corner for the family pet, a designated pet food storage cabinet, or an elevated feeding station to lessen back strain on larger dogs. Cat lovers might even consider building a climbing tower for their feline friends so the cats can scratch and explore without damaging walls or furniture.

Install Hardy Flooring

Although carpeting is cozy and comfortable, it may not be the best flooring for a home with pets. Carpet fibers trap hair and dander easily. Carpet is also difficult to keep clean when inevitable accidents occur. Consider a home renovation project to install animal-friendly flooring. Tile, concrete, or manufactured wood surfaces might be a better choice when a dog or a cat is in a house.

Choose Pet-Friendly Materials and Colors

After the remodeling is finished, all that’s left are the finishing touches of decoration. To keep your decor looking nice for as long as possible, make sure animals come into contact with only sturdy and stain-resistant fabrics. Fabrics such as leather and synthetic suede will resist stains and repel hair. Leather is even sturdy enough to resist claw marks in many cases. Another option is microfiber material, which feels soft to the touch and launders easily in the washing machine and dryer. Decorating in colors that match an animal’s fur can also help avoid some unsightly messes from shedding. While this won’t negate the need to clean, it will help make animal hair less obvious on the furniture and flooring.

With more people prioritizing pet-friendly residences, home remodeling can help furry friends enjoy good health and happier lives.

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