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  • How To Remodel A Room: Walls, Floors, And More

    How To Remodel A Room: Walls, Floors, And More

    At MLM Incorporated, we get tons of questions about how to remodel a room. Where do you start? What is the best way to think about renovations to walls, floors, and more? How can you bring all of your ideas together, and what should you avoid? While remodeling can bring up many questions, we’ve got […]

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  • Four Timeless Bathroom Tile Trends to Try

    With so many incredible bathroom tile choices, it’s easy for homeowners to create a relaxing retreat that fits their style aesthetic. But when following bathroom trends, be sure to choose designs that won’t look dated in a decade. Here are four hot bathroom tile trends that will stand the test of time. 1. Variations on […]

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  • What Comes First: Wall Color or Flooring in a Remodel?

    Once the fun stuff has been taken care of—picking out a color scheme, determining the new layout, deciding on a design style—it’s time to start on the nitty-gritty work of remodeling a home. But before getting down to business, many smart homeowners find themselves pondering the big chicken-or-egg question of home renovation: Which should be […]

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  • Best Bathroom Flooring: Six Materials to Consider

    Choosing new flooring is one of the most exciting parts of your bathroom renovation. But with so many bathroom flooring choices, it can be hard to narrow down your selection. Here at MLM Incorporated, we primarily use six different materials for new bathroom floors depending on customer needs, preference, and lifestyle. Read on to learn […]

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  • What Type of Floor Works Best in Your Home?

    Whether embarking on a bathroom remodel or a kitchen remodel, lifestyle plays an important role in choosing between wood, laminate, tile, or carpet. Here are some attributes of each to take into account when planning a home remodeling project. Wood Wood floors are economical and durable, making them an ideal choice for the buyer on […]

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  • Tips For Kitchen Renovation And Upgrades

    A kitchen remodel is a common way to add value to a home, but not all projects are a good investment for a property that’s about to go onto the market. Installing an expensive, built-in coffee machine, for example, may be a great addition for coffee connoisseurs, but not all buyers will appreciate a coffee […]

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  • Enhancing Home Value with Renovations

    Many people plan home remodeling to make a house more pleasant or enjoyable. As real as these benefits are, there are other advantages to home renovation. A construction project with a general contractor can enhance the value of a residence significantly, depending on the type of work performed. Plumbing Work One of the most effective […]

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  • Building a Pet-Friendly Home

    It’s possible to live happily and peacefully with animals in a residence. Home remodeling can help consumers ensure that everyone coexists positively with a few simple steps. Make a Designated Space Everyone needs their own space, including animals. Home remodeling can help create a special area for furry family members to relax. Adding a gate […]

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