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  • Meet the Leading Custom Home Builders New Orleans

    Building Homes, Building Legacies: Meet the Leading Custom Home Builders New Orleans

    Building a home with the help of custom home builders New Orleans is an exciting venture, and it requires careful planning and an experienced team to bring your vision to life. New Orleans, with its unique blend of history and contemporary culture, has become a hub for home building and architectural innovation. From classic Southern […]

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  • Minimalist Interior Design Ideas and Tips

    Minimalist Interior Design Ideas and Tips

    Minimalism is a design style that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It’s characterized by clean lines, simple forms, and a focus on functionality over excess. Minimalist interior design is about creating a space that is calming, uncluttered, and peaceful. In this blog, we’ll explore some minimalist interior design ideas and tips […]

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  • Sustainable Design and Eco-Friendly Materials in Interior Design

    Sustainable Design and Eco-Friendly Materials in Interior Design

    Sustainable is becoming increasingly important in today’s world as we strive to reduce our impact on the environment. As a result, many designers are incorporating eco-friendly materials and sustainable design practices into their work. In this blog, we’ll explore sustainable design and eco-friendly materials in interior design. What is Sustainable Design? It is an approach […]

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  • How Luxury Home Builders Create Your Dream House

    A home is so much more than a roof over your head. As more and more people turn to remote work, it’s also an office. When it comes to weekends and holidays, it’s a place to make memories with the people you love. For growing families, it’s a place to raise children and create a […]

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  • What’s the Origin of the Clawfoot Tub?

    Because the past plays such a large part in our present, many homes in the New Orleans area are tailor-made for retrofitting vintage luxuries, such as freestanding clawfoot bathtubs. Once de rigueur and made in heavy cast iron, new models are crafted from lighter fiberglass or acrylic, offering additional options in color and style. A clawfoot tub brings a 19th-century touch of class […]

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  • 3d printing in construction

    The Future Of 3D Printing In Construction

    If we told you ten years ago that a house could be completely fabricated on a printer, would you have believed us? The time has finally come! In 2017, construction was completed on the 3D Print Canal House, a house totally fabricated on a 3D printer. While 3D printing in construction isn’t necessarily ready to churn out subdivisions across the U.S. just yet, there are some exciting […]

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  • Questions to Ask A General Contractor

    15 Questions to Ask A General Contractor Before Hiring

    Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or undertaking a renovation, you’ll make a lot of complex and critical decisions along the way. Your home building or renovation process all begins with choosing the right construction company, though. Having the right team on your side can make all the difference. Luckily, there […]

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  • I Want To Build A House, Where Do I Start?

    Have you always wanted to build a house, but don’t know where to begin? This full guide on how to build a house is your starting point, from brainstorming to blueprints. Read on to learn more or, if you have specific questions about new builds in Louisiana, feel free to contact our team at MLM Incorporated […]

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  • How Long Does It Take To Build A House?

    Building your own home is a dream for so many people. By doing so, you create a home perfectly made for you and your family. Many wonder though, how long does it take to build a home, especially in the South? At MLM Incorporated, we’ve helped many through this process. We discuss the average new […]

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  • How to Give a Home Some Historic New Orleans Charm

    Historic renovations lend classic charm and vintage appeal to new construction and home additions. Families considering a home remodel in New Orleans can incorporate design strategies, elements, and materials from the city’s iconic architecture to create an aesthetically pleasing space with modern amenities and durability. Here are five techniques to try. Light Fixtures Matter Recessed […]

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