Creating a Happier Office Space

When searching for a new workplace or planning a commercial renovation project, here are some ways to incorporate greater employee happiness and satisfaction into the very structure of the office.

office break room


Employee workstations should reflect company culture. A company that encourages collegial cooperation should consider ditching individual offices or cubicles in favor of an open-structure floor plan to encourage collaborative discussion. A business that prioritizes client privacy may need to lean the other way. Some employers choose to satisfy both needs by adding private offices that employees who share a common space can reserve and use when necessary.

Even in an open floor plan, employees need adequate space to conduct their work, and sufficient storage to keep their workstation organized. Uplifting wall art, plants, and personal photos can make the office a more pleasant place.

Break Areas

Office construction plans should be geared toward creating a work environment that encourages productivity. Though it may seem counterintuitive, regular breaks can help employees be more productive. Breaks reduce burnout, help workers stay healthier, and allow them to return to their work with a fresh perspective.

Providing space for employees to store, prepare, and enjoy their lunches outside their workstations can help them feel more at home in the office. An office renovation can make the office kitchen more useful and appealing. Some businesses even provide free coffee, snacks, or subsidized cafeteria services to boost employee morale.

Providing a well-maintained and up-to-date bathroom is essential to making workers feel like they are valued. Similarly, break areas like game rooms, meditation rooms, or an employee library make workers feel appreciated. Designated break areas also encourage them to step away from their computers and come back relaxed and ready to work.

In-office perks can also bring a smile to employees’ faces. Having a commercial construction plan that includes an office gym, dry cleaning service, or spa allows employees to take care of business and take care of themselves.

Happy employees are productive employees. Creating a space to help them feel valued and rejuvenated is good for business.

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