Deciding on the Best Time for a Home Remodel

Among countless factors that go into the decision to renovate, it’s important to determine the right time for a home remodel. Remember that there is no set-in-stone timeline that works for every homeowner, and personal finances, the decision to move, and lifestyle considerations like kids’ school schedules must all be factored into the decision. Not to mention, a bathroom renovation may be less disruptive than a kitchen remodel or home addition—so the type of project will definitely weigh on the timeline.

Why Timing Matters

From an industry perspective, there are certain times of year that may be more efficient and cost-effective for a renovation. This is because of the constant ebb and flow of supply and demand for construction and contractors. Sitting down for a meal during the busiest hour of a popular restaurant is asking for a headache. Similarly, attempting to complete a home renovation during the peak time, often in the spring, may not be as easy without advance notice.

Start the New Year With Big Reno Projects

Typically, January through March is the slowest season for contractors since homeowners are pinching pennies after the holidays and awaiting tax refunds. Take advantage of this time by tackling big projects like a home addition or major kitchen renovation. Don’t worry, contractors don’t mind working through Mardi Gras so that new screened-in porch will be ready just in time for summer.

Go Indoors During Hot New Orleans Summers

Why not make use of that summer vacation time and arrive home to an upgraded kitchen or bathroom all at once? The months of July through September are the best times to tackle indoor projects like a kitchen renovation or bathroom upgrade. This will also help make sure workers stay safe during our sweltering southern summers.

When it comes to the right time for a home remodel, the most important element is planning in advance. This can save time and money and also mean securing the most qualified renovation partners. For more information about home renovation solutions and financing options, contact MLM Incorporated today for a quote!

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