Exploring New Orleans’ Mid-Century Modern Architecture

mid-century modern theatre new orleansThe architecture in New Orleans is just about as diverse as the culture itself. From Creole cottages to historic properties and antebellum mansions, the variety of homes in the city is impressive. Anyone undertaking a residential construction or home renovation project can look to these mid-century modern homes in New Orleans for inspiration.

The Curtis House

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Curtis House was built in the early 1960s by Nathaniel “Buster” Curtis, the architect who designed the Superdome. This unique home features a pavilion with four outdoor rooms, which are more like a mix between a patio and a courtyard, connected to the main living area. Curtis lived in the home, and it remained in his family for decades, until architect Lee Ledbetter purchased and restored the home. The property is surrounded by a high-mortared brick wall for privacy.

Location: 6161 Marquette Place in the Audubon neighborhood near Uptown

Mossy House

Constructed in 1956 and designed by architect John Lawrence, the Mossy House speaks to the architect’s creativity. The home sits very close to the edge of its lot, illustrating Lawrence’s unique architectural style and willingness to think outside the box. Separated from the street by a low wall, the home blends in well with its surroundings.

Location: 28 Tern Street in Lake Vista

Galatoire House

Designed by New Orleans native architect Albert Ledner, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, the Galatoire House pulls influence from both classic and modern structures. Notably, the home features windows salvaged by the original property owner from the Good Shepherd Convent, a home for delinquent girls built in the mid-nineteenth century. The windows display upside-down along the front of the house, with some in stained-glass ceiling panels inside the home. Downstairs, white marble adorns the floors, with dramatic granite walls running behind the living room and dining room, illustrating the grandeur of this residential construction project.

Location: 11 Park Island, across Bayou St. John from City Park

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