Five Fresh Design Ideas to Bring the Indoors Out

Bringing the outdoors in and vice versa has long informed interior home renovation trends. For many homeowners, building a strong connection between the interior and exterior living spaces improves their satisfaction with the home and creates a more enjoyable flow. Those who want to create an indoor and outdoor space can start with these five design ideas.

1. Enlarged Doors

The outdoor entertainment area should be adjacent to the one inside the home, separated by large doors that increase the connection between the two spaces to encourage a seamless flow. Consider glass doors, which make the two spaces appear as one even when they’re closed. As a bonus, the interior space will be infused with light.

2. Coordinated Flooring

When possible, use the same flooring for the patio that is used in the adjacent interior space to create a unified appearance. Natural stone is a popular choice for this purpose. Avoid steps or other level changes between indoors and out, which can ruin the effect.

3. Corner Windows

While windows are traditionally in the center of walls, it’s not an unbreakable rule. Homeowners who have a great view are opting for corner windows as an eye-catching way to bring in the outside.

4. Extended Roof

This upgrade is both fashionable and functional, increasing the connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces while allowing weather protection that allows the outdoor space to be used in bright sun and drizzly weather.

5. Outdoor Kitchens

Moving indoor functions to an outdoor deck or patio is an excellent way to blend the two spaces while adding value and function. An outdoor kitchen is an ideal addition for cooks who love to grill and entertain. With plenty of seating or even a fireplace, many homeowners find themselves spending as much time on the patio as in the kitchen.

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