Five Home Remodeling Ideas for a Growing Family

In many cases, a growing family means buying or building a new home with space to spread out. But there’s good news for those who don’t want to move when the kids are born: there are plenty of home remodeling options that can make the most of the existing space. Here are five fresh ideas to consider.

1. Build an Addition

Additions provide an excellent return on investment, particularly for those who opt to build up rather than out. This is one of the only ways to create extra space without reallocating additional square footage. However, for many homeowners, the investment needed for an addition is substantial and should be discussed with the contractor to determine the feasibility of the project.

2. Add Creative Storage

When undergoing a home remodel, parents can brainstorm with contractors about integrating storage into the newly created spaces. Think double-duty desks, built-in bookcases, and other smart storage options that make the home feel less cluttered. These solutions are perfect for keeping toys and other gear out of the way.

3. Open the Space

Open floor plans are popular with families for a reason: they allow unobstructed supervision so parents can cook meals while the kids play in an adjacent room, for example. Homeowners can replace a wall with columns and beams instead. This creates the illusion of more space and visually opens up the area.

4. Add a Bathroom

A simple powder room can be squeezed into a small space and can make a big difference when family members are getting dressed in the morning. Many homeowners make room for an extra bathroom by repurposing a closet or pantry or walling off a small section of an existing room.

5. Renovate the Attic

This classic space-expanding renovation is still a great option for families with children who are getting older and want a separate space. The attic or a converted garage is usually the best choice for a rec room, entertainment area, or study space.

As with any home remodel project, the guidance of an experienced contractor is essential. Our team at MLM Incorporated can examine your existing property and create a design strategy that incorporates these five ideas or other solutions you envision. For ideas on how to transform your home, view our residential gallery.

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