Five Techy Gadgets to Upgrade Your Bathroom

photo of a smart screen in a bathroom

These days, there’s a gadget for every room in a home. But what about the bathroom? Here are five techy gadgets to upgrade your bathroom into the modern age.

 Shower Speakers

Shower speakers have come a long way in recent years, and today’s speakers offer clear sound in a water-resistant package. In addition to making showering more relaxing for grownups, playing tunes can also make children less resistant when it comes to bath time.

 … Or Shower TVs!

But why go for a speaker when a shower TV is just one simple installation away? These waterproof televisions can be integrated into a shower mirror, complete with a floating remote. It’s hard to beat unwinding with a hot shower and the morning news simultaneously.

 Towel Warming Drawer

Installing a towel warming drawer is a bathroom renovation that adds a touch of luxury. These drawers keep towels perfectly toasty to help you avoid the post-shower shivers.

 Privacy Glass

For homes with only one or two bathrooms, it can be frustrating waiting for a spouse or family member to finish showering to get ready for the day. But sometimes, the thought of renovating the entire home just to add a bathroom is overwhelming. Luckily, there are many options for renovating showers to include privacy glass. The installation is as simple as adding an adhesive film to the shower which can be controlled by a remote, making the glass transparent or opaque as needed.

 Automatic Toilets

Tired of fighting over whether the toilet seat gets left up or down? Many companies have created “smart” toilets that can automatically flush, open, and close. Many of these techy toilets can also self-clean and have a timed nightlight. Some even have heating seats for that extra feeling of luxury!

There’s no need to keep living in the past when a few techy gadgets to upgrade your bathroom can bring your home into the future. If you’re interested in beginning renovations and want to know more about financing, contact us today for a quote!

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