Four Tips to Make a Business More Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of many Americans’ minds. Whether for reasons of ethics, politics, or finances, maintaining the highest possible amount of energy efficiency is important for many businesses. Here are four doable changes to make a business more energy efficient.

Choose Power Strips and Smart Lighting

commercial energy efficient
These are simple ways to reduce energy output and energy bills. Power strips with scheduled on/off times can avoid the energy drain that can still occur when appliances are plugged in but switched off. Similarly, smart lighting can reduce energy output and improve comfort levels—since smart Wi-Fi-connected lighting systems may actually last longer than LEDs.

Manage Computer Power

Computers can often be a significant energy drain. If employees are using outdated computers, they may be draining far more energy than is necessary. Switching employees from desktop computers to laptops can reduce this energy drain even more, as laptops require less energy to run.

Update HVAC

HVAC, or heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems, are often outdated, as they are usually only changed during a big commercial renovation. Updating these systems can not only increase energy efficiency but can also result in tax deductions for incorporating energy-efficient solutions into commercial buildings.

Seek a New Space

past blog post discussed when it’s best to remodel a home and when to look for something new instead. The same applies to commercial space. Depending on the company’s current location, it may be easier to find a recently built, up-to-date space than to radically change the existing building. Many new buildings come with green technologies already built-in, making it easier for the business to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Although energy efficiency updates can be pricey, they will pay off in the long run, whether through lower energy bills or the knowledge that the company has done its part to keep Earth healthy for generations to come.

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