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  • Interior light fixtures in a trendy home.

    Interior Lighting Fixtures for Your Home: Check Out the Latest Designs and Inspiration

    Interior lighting brings illumination to dark corners and adds much-needed ambiance to interior rooms. The light sources in a room can have an enormous impact on the way the room feels and functions. Today’s innovations in the lighting field come together to create eco-friendly, luxurious, task-inspired products and materials. Take a look at some of […]

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  • Bathroom Remodel? Four Lighting Tips to Consider

    The right lighting is an important component of any home renovation project and can make or break a room’s overall ambiance. Homeowners should consider these four tips when selecting light fixtures for a bathroom remodel. 1. Create Layers of Lighting Consider the range of grooming tasks completed in the bathroom, such as tweezing, shaving, and […]

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  • Four Tips to Make a Business More Energy Efficient

    Energy efficiency is at the forefront of many Americans’ minds. Whether for reasons of ethics, politics, or finances, maintaining the highest possible amount of energy efficiency is important for many businesses. Here are four doable changes to make a business more energy efficient. Choose Power Strips and Smart Lighting These are simple ways to reduce […]

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  • Retail Revamp: Tips for Making Your Store Shine

    Location, location, location: The old saying remains true for businesses of all kinds, but potentially more important is how well a commercial space is designed and arranged. Even stores that are off-the-beaten-path can keep customers pouring in if they get the look and feel just right. Whatever a business is selling, and no matter what […]

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  • Three Top Tips for Lighting Your Kitchen

    When you’re planning a kitchen renovation, lighting might not be foremost in your mind. The fact is, though, that kitchen lighting is both an aesthetic concern and a safety issue. The right fixtures not only pull your design together but also provide required lighting for tasks like chopping and searing. Here are three key considerations […]

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  • Preparing a Home for the Heat of Summer

    Preparing a Home for the Heat of Summer

    The summer months can boast numerous potential sources of damage to a home, including insect infestations, moisture, storms, and high temperatures. To prevent costly repairs, a savvy homeowner will prepare a residence with prudent home design prior to the summer to help it withstand common issues. Air Conditioning Cooling systems need to be checked to […]

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  • Four Easy Ways to Add Character to a New Home

    Newer homes are attractive because they offer contemporary designs, open layouts, and modern features. But some buyers find new homes to be a turn-off because many of them lack the character that older, lived-in homes provide. Fortunately, there are a number of new construction renovation projects, from a total kitchen remodel or bath renewal project […]

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  • Three Laws of Contemporary Cafe Design

    A great cafe is more than a sum of its parts. To craft a space that inspires creativity, offers exciting fare, and generates an inimitable buzz, integrate these concepts into the cafe design. 1. Movie Star Lighting With the widespread use of smartphones, every customer is a photographer–and a potential promoter. The flatware is tasteful, […]

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