Get Your Home Ready for Hurricane Season with These Tips

Hurricane season runs from June to November every year. The storms are unpredictable, and even if they don’t make landfall, can still wreak havoc on homes. Preparing a home for hurricane season can dramatically reduce the damage caused by the storm. Here are a few simple steps to prepare a home for hurricane season, whether it’s a historic structure or new construction.

Examples of white, aluminum storm shutters

Check the Roof for Missing or Loose Material

The roof is one of the most important parts of a home’s exterior. Before hurricane season comes, check for any loose shingles or loose anchoring. If any parts of the roof are damaged, get them repaired before the storms roll in. If a roof is in good condition, it will better protect the structure from damage due to wind, water, and flying debris.

Install Window Coverings

When news crews show clips of home prep for hurricane season, they typically show homes using plywood to cover windows. While plywood is affordable and does protect the structure, there are better options available. True hurricane shutters protect the windows as well as the interior of the home from storm damage and should be considered as part of a home renovation project.

Pick Up the Yard

Any lawn or patio furniture should be moved inside or to an enclosed storage area. In high winds, these items can fly against the side of the house, causing extensive damage to the home’s exterior. Trim any dead or low-hanging branches from trees in the yard as these are the first to break off and could damage power lines, the roof, fencing, and even a neighbor’s property.

After hurricane season, many homes will need some degree of renovation, whether it’s repairing broken windows or fixing a damaged roof. For extensive repairs, homeowners should always hire an experienced contractor. For individuals living in a historic structure, repairs must be handled with great care so that the home continues to reflect the unique history of New Orleans architecture.

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