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  • Things to Consider When Adding a Window to Your Bathroom

    Having a window in a bathroom can enhance the room’s design by adding natural light, making the space look bigger, and even providing ventilation. There are several things to consider when adding a window to your bathroom, like how much light you want, if you’re concerned about privacy, and if you want the window to […]

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  • Retrofit or Replace? How to Handle Historic Windows

    Renovations of historic homes and buildings require special consideration for the windows. Although the original windows are an integral part of the architecture of any historic building, they are much less energy-efficient than modern windows and are often less functional. Here’s what those planning to renovate this type of property should know about striking a […]

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  • Get Your Home Ready for Hurricane Season with These Tips

    Hurricane season runs from June to November every year. The storms are unpredictable, and even if they don’t make landfall, can still wreak havoc on homes. Preparing a home for hurricane season can dramatically reduce the damage caused by the storm. Here are a few simple steps to prepare a home for hurricane season, whether […]

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  • Standing Out: Storefront Design Tips for Any Retailer

    Standing Out: Storefront Design Tips for Any Retailer

    How people feel when they enter your retail Storefront Design Tips will ultimately impact how long they stay and how much they spend. When considering retail store construction, set yourself up for success by working with a creative and innovative designer and builder that understands retail store layout and has positive reviews from prior clients. […]

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