Helpful Bathroom Remodel Planning Checklist

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 2.17.26 PMRemodeling an outdated bathroom can be stressful. Here’s a checklist that we at MLM Inc. put together to help make the bathroom renovation process smoother.

Design Your Dream Bathroom

Some people may want to do a bathroom remodel, but aren’t sure where to start. You can pull ideas from interior or home remodeling magazines as well as home renovation TV shows. Once you find inspiration, start sketching your perfect bathroom. Think about the layout, storage needs, and whether or not you plan on moving the toilet, sink, or bathtub.

Create a Budget

Figure out what you’re willing to spend on your bathroom renovation. Your budget will help guide you when you make decisions about tiles, fixtures, paint, and more. It’s wise to set aside extra money in case a problem arises during the remodeling process.

Find a Reliable Contractor

You are much closer to having your dream renovation once you find a licensed contractor to do the job. You can ask family members, friends, and coworkers about their contractor recommendations for a bathroom remodel. Once you have some potential options, ask them to look over your plans. From there, they’ll be able to come up with an estimate of how much the project should cost. Also, the contractor should have a solid start and end date for the bathroom renovation. If you’re comfortable with the contractor, their estimates, and reviews, read over their contract thoroughly and sign.

Purchase Materials

You have your design, budget, and contractor set. Now, you have to start getting the materials needed to make your perfect bathroom into a reality. Some manufacturers can take weeks to deliver your tile and light fixtures. Therefore, it’s best to order as early as possible so materials can be ready when the bathroom remodel begins. Once you get those things out of the way, purchase the paint and accessories.

Celebrate the Finished Project

Once your bathroom renovation is complete, check over your contractor’s work and thoroughly clean. Now it’s time to run yourself a bubble bath and celebrate!

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