Historic Renovation: What to Keep and What to Update

When remodeling a historic home, it can be challenging to decide which features to update and which to keep. After all, character is one of the primary reasons for residing in an older home. Here are five expert tips to consider for historic renovations.

Update: Insulation

Those who live in an older home don’t necessarily have to resign themselves to a drafty existence. Most structurally sound homes can support updated wall insulation (both to improve energy costs and remove harmful materials like asbestos). Also, invest in weather stripping for the windows and doors. When HVAC systems need replacement, look for less invasive systems that don’t require a lot of demolition.

Keep: Hardwood Floors

Even if the hardwood floors in an older home look a bit run down, they’re still desirable—especially when refinished. In addition, wood floors in historic homes often incorporate beautiful materials such as wide pine planks that are rarely used today.

Update: Structural Issues

Underlying structural issues should be updated sooner rather than later to keep the home’s integrity sound and safe for occupants. Common fixes of this kind in historic renovations included leaking roofs, damaged foundations, and rot or mold issues.

Keep: Unique Design Elements

These are the original items that add that historic charm to older homes, such as crown molding, wainscoting, ornate fireplaces, and other purely decorative details that are rare in modern construction. The best historic renovations incorporate these items into the new design.

Update: Plumbing and Electrical Systems

Very old homes that haven’t been updated will need electrical systems replaced to avoid dangerous code violations. Old plumbing should also be replaced with new copper pipes during a bathroom remodel.

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