Interior light fixtures in a trendy home.

Interior Lighting Fixtures for Your Home: Check Out the Latest Designs and Inspiration

Interior lighting fixtures in a trendy home.

Interior lighting brings illumination to dark corners and adds much-needed ambiance to interior rooms. The light sources in a room can have an enormous impact on the way the room feels and functions. Today’s innovations in the lighting field come together to create eco-friendly, luxurious, task-inspired products and materials.

Take a look at some of the most exciting lighting fixture designs of 2022, and remember that MLM Incorporated can take our years of experience as luxury builders to help design and perfect everything from kitchen and bathroom renovations to new construction and whole-home renovations

Extra-Functional Interior Lighting

Every lighting fixture in your home should be functional, but in 2022 many homeowners are looking for extra-functional lighting solutions. They want fixtures that do more than illuminate but serve additional purposes. These are some of our favorite finds.

Light Up the Charge Bars on Your Devices

If you’re going to have something taking up precious bedside space, it had better do double duty. That’s where charging lamps come in. Lamps within included USB ports are becoming more than trendy – they’re becoming a must-have addition. Not only does this help keep your devices charged, but it reduces the amount of bedside clutter. It’s a win-win-win for all devices involved.

Keep Your Nest Cozy with the Right Lighting Options

Though many 2022 trends include throwbacks to popular, simple lights of yesteryear, we’re also seeing forward-thinking lighting that includes some truly advanced technology. Do you want to change the temperature on your smart thermometer without getting your phone out? Do you want your lighting to automatically mimic the color and tone of the setting and rising suns? The newest trends in lighting can do all this and more.

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

For homes where storage is a prime commodity, don’t forget that you can include plenty of storage with your lighting. This could include something as simple as a kitchen lamp with a base that allows you to curl up those cords when they’re not in use, or a light stand that features hidden storage for keys, do-dads, and other small necessities.

Indoor/Outdoor Interior Lighting

Who says your indoor lighting has to stay indoors? With incredible strides having been made in the world of rechargeable lighting, you can choose special light fixtures that can unplug and light up the outside. These are great options if you’re an outdoor enthusiast and want to choose a bedside lamp that works just as great as a tent-side lamp, or if you have a luxurious outdoor dining space that needs its own lighting.

Eco-Friendliest Lighting Designs

Due to government regulations and consumer demand, lighting manufacturers across the globe are prioritizing eco-friendly products. That said, some designs go further than others. These are the eco-friendliest lighting designs we’re seeing.

Recycled Interior Lighting Materials

Reduce, reuse, and recycle – recycled lighting materials do all this and more. They reduce the need for new materials to be created, reuse existing materials, and are generally recyclable. Believe it or not, materials like cardboard can now be used to make incredible designs you’d never guess might have been a cereal box in a previous life.

If you’d like a more luxurious option, consider glass lighting fixtures made from recycled materials or lampshades that double as packing material to reduce the amount of plastic that’s needed to get the lamps shipped.

It’s All About the Light Bulb

No matter which lighting options you choose, remember that a fixture is only as eco-friendly as its bulb. While LED lights have long been the standard, there are upgraded options last as long as an average of 23 years.

Lighting That Steals the Show – Interior Lighting as a Focal Point

There are many situations in which it makes the most sense to have hidden lighting that’s invisible when not in use. Under the cupboard kitchen task lighting is a great example. But there are also situations where you want to not only show off your interior lighting but make it the focal point of an entire room.

Bold Interior Lighting Design

If you tend to gravitate toward bold lighting design, you are in luck. In 2022, we are seeing a lot of bold, bright lighting design that instantly draws the eye. Oversized mid-century modern fixtures installed above rustic dining room tables are just one great example.

Lighting as Sculpture Piece

Don’t assume you must choose between a work of art and a lighting fixture. With today’s unique innovations, you can have both. Table lamps that double as sculptures are great focal points that can light up the space – quite literally.

Get Dark and Dreamy with Your Color Scheme

When leafing through design magazines, many people are struck by rooms with dark and dreamy colors, yet they don’t want to make such drastic changes to their homes. That’s where your lighting can help you out. Choose a dark, bold, dreamy fixture and let it add a touch of drama without overwhelming the entire room.

Mix and Match with Materials, Colors, and Function

Gone are the days when consumers want to match every color and material within a room. Instead, look for ways to mix and match.

Black and Brass, Cool with Warm – You Call the Shots

You can mix black with brass, cool colors with warmth, or within a color scheme. For example, pinks, blushes, and reds can all work in harmony with each other.

Hard and Soft Materials

There used to be a “hard and fast rule” that included hard materials and soft materials together was a no-go. This is no longer the case. You can use that cool, brass hardware you want yet add soft throw pillows to the room. You can choose a soft lighting fixture even if your room is otherwise decked out in an industrial vibe. There’s no one here to write the rules but you.

Shape Up Your Décor with Various Shapes

We’ve loved some of the circular, bubble-shaped lighting we’ve seen in recent years, but we love this trend, even more, when it’s added to other shapes. You can choose swirly, whirly designs, straight lamps, oval lighting fixtures – the sky is the limit.

Beyond the shape of the lighting fixture itself, you can also swap up the installation of your fixtures. For example, you might have hanging fixtures lined up in a straight line or a circular pattern. Get creative and see what feels right.

Lighting Trends to Follow No Matter What Fixtures You Choose

Some lighting trends will come and go but others are here for good, no matter the specific bulbs or fixtures you use.

The Watts Control the Brightness

It’s very simple – the type of lighting fixture you choose won’t control how much light is in your space – the wattage of the lightbulbs will. This is great news if you want a large light fixture but don’t want to flood the room with light – just choose lower wattage bulbs.

Consider the Atmosphere

When you’re thinking fixtures and lighting design, make sure you’re moving beyond just thinking about what the fixtures look like. What do you want the atmosphere of the room to be? For example, what color temperature do you want? A lower temperature is more like candlelight, while a higher temperature will be more like an outdoor sky.

Layered Lighting Will Always Be on Trend

No matter the type of fixtures you choose or what materials you gravitate toward, one thing will always be true of lighting: layered lighting is smart lighting. If you have a bright, bold lamp in your living room that floods the room with light, it shouldn’t be your only option. What happens when you want to enjoy a relaxing after-dinner drink with friends? You’ll be blinded by your own light.

Instead, layer several lighting options throughout the room. Just say yes to that statement piece lamp, but also add wall sconces, reading task lighting, and softer lamps so that you can always control the look and feel of the room.

We Are Here to Help with All Your Interior Lighting Design Needs

The good news is that there is a seemingly endless supply of interior lighting design options you can choose for your home. The bad news is that you must narrow it down to determine what you love the best.

Thankfully, you’re not on your own. You have the years of experience that MLM Incorporated brings to the table. Whether you want to follow the trends for something entirely new and unique or add something special to your traditional décor – or something in between – we have you covered. Your lighting needs will be one of the many things we carefully consider as we design your new construction or renovation in the greater Elmwood area. Ready to get started with your project and all the design choices that come with it? Contact us for an estimate.

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