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  • New for 2019: This Year’s Hot Restaurant Design Trends

    A restaurant’s atmosphere can be as important as its menu and service. The design style of a restaurant should complete the hospitality package and be aesthetically pleasing to patrons, who often come to restaurants for the entire experience, not just the meal. In 2019, the industry will likely see the trends that create a natural, […]

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  • Tips for Expanding a Restaurant With a Second Location

    From the trendiest new eatery to a mom-and-pop restaurant that’s been operating for 50 years, there often comes the point when the owners wonder whether they should open a second location. Of course, any business venture comes with risks, but these tips can help restaurateurs make a smart and strategic move. Think About the Location […]

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  • Three Laws of Contemporary Cafe Design

    A great cafe is more than a sum of its parts. To craft a space that inspires creativity, offers exciting fare, and generates an inimitable buzz, integrate these concepts into the cafe design. 1. Movie Star Lighting With the widespread use of smartphones, every customer is a photographer–and a potential promoter. The flatware is tasteful, […]

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