Office Remodel: Four Tips for Employee Collaboration

Over the past decade, more and more offices have undergone commercial construction projects to transform their space from dull and boring to an open, collaborative environment. The idea is that with one or more large, open areas, employees will be able to work together to better achieve their goals. But there’s more to employee collaboration than just moving everyone’s desk out to open space. These four tips will help increase collaboration with any office remodel.

Set the Tone

employee collaboration team post it notesStart planning the office remodel by leveraging the natural energy of the room, which may vary from one office to the next, depending on the industry, employee outlook, and existing office environment. To improve the existing conditions and encourage collaboration, consider undergoing a commercial construction project that lays out the office in such a way that workers can easily access one another to brainstorm, share knowledge, and exchange ideas. The remodel should also build on the company’s brand, integrating core values and identity markers into the workflow of the space.

Rely on Tech-Savvy Updates

Companies can use technology to increase employee collaboration and communication among workers. By wiring the office with the latest technology, like transitioning into an entirely digital environment or using technology to provide real-time updates on projects and concepts, employees can be more involved with projects. The remodel should include considerations like plug-in stations at all work areas and TV monitors built into the design to display company-wide messages.

Find Balance

While collaboration can lead to increased productivity, companies should keep in mind that there should be an appropriate balance between open and enclosed spaces. Some situations simply require more quiet time to focus, such as conference calls or employee-supervisor reviews. During the commercial construction renovation, companies might consider setting aside a few small meeting and conference rooms that employees can utilize for privacy and quiet time. For example, glass walls afford privacy but still give the illusion of openness.

Promote Social Interactions

The best way to encourage collaboration is by providing an environment where teammates feel comfortable interacting with one another. Employees who don’t know each other well may not feel comfortable in a collaborative environment, so companies often provide great amenities like stocked kitchens or cafeterias and game rooms as a way to bring people together and improve morale. Employees are likely to carry their work ideas into these shared social spaces, so it’s a great way to enhance workplace collaboration.

If you’re ready to update your commercial space and create more opportunities for collaboration, contact MLM Incorporated today at 504-322-7050 for a quote. You can also browse our commercial construction projects and references to see how we’ve helped other clients improve their office spaces.

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