Preparing a Home for the Heat of Summer

Preparing a Home for the Heat of Summer

The summer months can boast numerous potential sources of damage to a home, including insect infestations, moisture, storms, and high temperatures. To prevent costly repairs, a savvy homeowner will prepare a residence with prudent home design prior to the summer to help it withstand common issues.

Air Conditioning

Cooling systems need to be checked to ensure they are ready for the warm weather. A service representative should visit to conduct a full inspection and tune-up of the air conditioner. The representative will replace air filters to ensure efficient operation. A typical tune-up also includes inspecting vents and ductwork to ensure it is clear of any debris. Ducts should also be checked annually for leaks, which would allow cool air to escape. The service person will check the thermostat to ensure it is functioning correctly.

Sealing and Caulking

Leaks around windows and doors can cause cool air to leak out of a home and warm air to enter. Gaps are also common areas where insects can gain entrance to a house. Apply weather stripping or caulk over cracks to block air leakage and insects. Gaps can also appear in insulation over time, which will allow air to leak through. To ensure that insects do not find a new way in, apply a pesticide to the outer perimeter of the foundation. Inside, some people also choose to apply a pesticide along baseboards, doors, and windows. When using pesticides around family members and pets, always choose a product that will not cause injury.

Prepare Outdoor Living Areas

When the warm weather arrives, many people enjoy spending time in outdoor living areas. A patio or a deck with comfortable seating can be a place where the family congregates. Add umbrellas to provide a respite from the sun. Purchasing a grill enables you to cook outdoors without heating up the kitchen.

Minor home improvements, maintenance, and adjustments to home design will help a family withstand the hot summer months with few problems.

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