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  • Increase Curb Appeal With These Three Plants

    Landscaping in the South can be difficult to maintain unless the right plants are chosen for the design. At MLM Incorporated, the renovation and construction experts believe that the right plants can make or break the appearance of a building in New Orleans. Here are a few of the best options for the area that […]

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  • 3 Tips on How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors Wisely

    Whether it’s inside, outside, or somewhere in between, selecting exterior paint colors can be daunting. For home remodeling, choosing from a palette that complements its surroundings is important, but may not be as complicated as it appears. Here are some tips on how to choose the right exterior colors. Let the Surroundings Help With home […]

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  • Five Remodels That Don’t Boost Home Value

    When it comes to home renovations, owners are sometimes surprised to learn that not every update increases a home’s value. These five remodeling ideas don’t tend to pay off when the house is sold. 1. Inground Swimming Pool Not only is this an expensive project ($30,000 to $75,000), it can dramatically limit the potential market […]

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  • Making the Most of Outdoor Living Areas

    Enjoying the outdoors during warm weather appeals to many families. Optimizing outdoor living areas ensures that everyone will enjoy the deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen. New home construction or home remodeling often won’t be complete without considering sp ots for congregating outside in the yard. Create Comfort Comfort will be one of the main ways […]

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  • What Home Renovation Projects Add the Most Value?

    Seldom do buyers find a house that they do not want to remodel or change in order to make it the home of their dreams. Home renovation is common, but which changes are going to put money back in the bank when it comes time to sell? Kitchens One of the biggest payoffs is the […]

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