Things to Consider When Adding a Window to Your Bathroom

Having a window in a bathroom can enhance the room’s design by adding natural light, making the space look bigger, and even providing ventilation. There are several things to consider when adding a window to your bathroom, like how much light you want, if you’re concerned about privacy, and if you want the window to open. Here are a few options for choosing a bathroom window that meets your needs.

Window Size

A newly renovated bathroom

The size of the window will have the greatest impact on the amount of natural light that the bathroom receives. Obviously, large windows, like bay windows, will bring in the most light, while smaller windows, such as porthole windows or tubular skylights, will have the least. Larger windows will also offer the least amount of privacy.

Window Placement

Where a window is placed relative to the bathroom fixtures affects the privacy of the bathroom. Windows of all sizes and types that sit higher on the wall will provide more privacy than those that are lower. Skylights are a great option for bringing in natural light while maintaining privacy. Transom and clerestory windows are short and wide windows that are traditionally placed high on the wall, making them another good choice. Transom windows are placed above doors or other windows, while clerestory windows are cut into the wall.

Obscured Windows

Another way to increase the privacy of the bathroom is to have the window obscured in some way. Having textured or translucent glass on a double-hung window is a great option. Many people choose to have translucent glass on the bottom pane and transparent on the upper pane. You could also opt for textured glass block windows. In addition, simply adding shutters, blinds, or curtains to the window would allow you to control the amount of light and privacy in the bathroom.

Window Ventilation

If it’s important to you that your bathroom window is able to open, some types of windows are better than others. You may want to opt for a classic single-hung or double-hung window, or even a hopper window, which pulls open from the top with a hinge at the bottom. Generally, skylights, portholes, and glass block windows won’t be able to open to provide ventilation.

If a certain type of window is an important element for your bathroom design, MLM Incorporated will ensure that it meets your needs. We have extensive experience with bathroom renovations of both modern and historic homes, as well as with new construction. Contact us today for a quote at 504-322-7050.

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