The Coolest Light Fixture Designs for Your Home


modern light fixtures - MLM IncorporatedLamps bring illumination to dark corners, and they add much-needed ambiance to interior rooms. A general contractor can help with both the selection and installation of this project.


These innovative lights enable users to twist and position them into virtually any position and configuration desired. They perch conveniently on any level surface, including desks and countertops.


A chain of LED lights cased in aluminum form the design of this lamp. People can fold it closed when not in use. To turn it on, the user just unfolds it and positions it as desired.


When a bold statement and bright illumination are needed, a large half-sphere suspended from the ceiling might be the perfect solution. This fixture has a diameter of up to 6 feet, so assistance from a general contractor for installation may be necessary.


With a self-adjusting lamp, it will remain bright and vibrant during the times when illumination is needed. This will gradually change to a dim overnight glow during sleeping hours.

Bedside Storage

Who doesn’t need a little more storage on a bedside table? With this special cube lamp, people can store glasses and a remote control in little nooks of the illuminated cube.

Sticker Lighting

For anyone running out of living space, a sticker lamp might come in handy. These adhesive lamps stick to any smooth surface and plug into the nearest outlet.

Corner Designs

Use up every available inch of space by nestling fixtures into corners. These specially shaped shades fit perfectly into corners to leave more room for living.

Cord Storage

Instead of fighting with cumbersome cords to power fixtures, choose one with cord storage right in the base. These innovative designs allow people to pull out just the amount of cord needed.

Rechargeable Options

Finding a flashlight is often a challenge. With this lamp, the top of the lamp is actually a removable flashlight that recharges as it’s plugged into the base.

Butterfly Design

With a fixture that adjusts to open and close like butterfly wings, people can get precisely the amount of illumination they need.

With extensive choices in design, shape, size, and color, consumers have big decisions when it’s time to pick out a new light fixture for installation by a general contractor.