Three Benefits of Adding Square Footage to Your Home

Photo of a sunroom added to a home

When a family has outgrown a house, moving is not the only option. Home renovations and additions offer an appealing solution to gain space without uprooting everybody. Check out the benefits of adding square footage to an existing home.

No Need to Start Over

Expanding the house’s footprint instead of moving elsewhere means continuing with an established routine without major interruptions. Everyone in the household gets to keep enjoying the comforts and amenities of a familiar home. When considering all the positives of your current house and location, it becomes clear that a lot would be missed. There’s no need to start over when home renovations can add the extra space needed while preserving a cherished way of life.

No Realtor Fees or Moving Costs

In addition to being a disruptive major life change, moving is expensive. Realtor fees associated with selling a house can easily reach upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Hiring a moving company also involves thousands of dollars. Even a do-it-yourself move, which is a time-consuming, massive endeavor, comes with significant costs, including boxes, packing supplies, and moving truck rental. If the costs and hassle of moving don’t sound appealing, consider renovations instead.

Add Value to Your Home

Much-needed updates add style, while additions increase usable space, both of which increase a home’s value. Home renovations such as kitchen and bathroom remodel, a new bedroom or an enclosed porch create a more inviting atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. Should there be a move in the future, these additions that make the house more comfortable for the whole family also raise the asking price when it’s time to sell.

At MLM Incorporated, we specialize in expansions that make the most of the space while also creating a highly livable interior. For help with adding square footage to your home, contact us today for a quote by filling out our convenient online form or calling us at 504-322-7050.

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