Three Tips for Hosting Out-of-Towners for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is an event to remember. Visitors who don’t get to experience it very often, or who are visiting for the first time, can benefit from gracious local hosts who offer guidance and hospitality. Follow these tips for hosting out-of-towners to make the most of this unique, memorable celebration.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

A king cake, baby, and mardi gras beads

Figure out what your guests would enjoy most. If you’re not sure, ask. Everybody expects something different from the Mardi Gras experience. Putting yourself in the out-of-towner’s shoes will help you figure out what they want to see, do, and get out of the celebration. Then you can offer parade route suggestions and dining options to help them make plans for a successful Mardi Gras.

Plan Ahead

Is your home equipped to house out-of-town guests? If not, consider scheduling a quick remodel with a residential contractor. Small bathroom or kitchen renovations to make these rooms more appealing, or modifications to turn an unused extra room into a lovely guest bedroom, add value to your property while making out-of-town guests feel right at home. Small touches to creating a welcoming guest bedroom include repainting it with soothing, cheerful color and placing fresh flowers in vases throughout the room shortly before your guests arrive. Let your guests feel like this space is genuinely theirs during their visit.

Keep the Celebration Going

Before and after the official Mardi Gras festivities, keep the party going at home. Decorate your living spaces with purple, gold, and green colors plus plenty of beads. Serve king cake, local favorites such as jambalaya or poboys, and refreshing cocktails such as Pimm’s Cups or Mojitos. Play Mardi Gras music and keep the mood festive. If you have a sizeable yard, celebrate outside. In the months leading up to this quintessential New Orleans celebration, have a residential contractor improve your yard with a new deck or patio area.

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