Tips for Expanding a Restaurant With a Second Location

From the trendiest new eatery to a mom-and-pop restaurant that’s been operating for 50 years, there often comes the point when the owners wonder whether they should open a second location. Of course, any business venture comes with risks, but these tips can help restaurateurs make a smart and strategic move.

Think About the Location

The location of the new business should be the most important consideration. If a restaurant is close to a university and has a strong late-night crowd, a high-end shopping center might not be the best location. Business owners should consider demographics (including average age, family size, and income) when choosing a new site—if a formula is already working well, then it’s best to try to replicate it as closely as possible.

Keep What Works (Ditch What Doesn’t)

Customers who are visiting a new location of a familiar restaurant are expecting a certain amount of consistency—the service, quality of food, and ambiance should be on par at every site. The time before the second restaurant opens is the ideal time for ownership and management to take a close look at what has made the first location a success. If there are certain kitchen technologies, food suppliers, or customer specials that have worked well, they should be incorporated into the new business plan. On the other hand, if certain issues have been a struggle, this is a good time to figure out how to improve in those areas.

Find a Trustworthy Staff

Business owners can’t be everywhere at once. It’s easy enough to oversee one restaurant most of the time, but there will need to be solid management in place at both locations once a second restaurant has opened. Owners should take their time during the interview process to find someone who has experience in the hospitality industry, an enthusiastic outlook toward managing members of a team, and reliable references from previous employers.

Opening a new location is a big decision, but it can be a smart move. For commercial remodeling assistance in Greater New Orleans, call MLM Incorporated at (504) 322-7050 today. To see how they’ve helped local businesses renovate and remodel, browse their gallery of completed projects.

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