Tips For Kitchen Renovation And Upgrades

A kitchen remodel is a common way to add value to a home, but not all projects are a good investment for a property that’s about to go onto the market. Installing an expensive, built-in coffee machine, for example, may be a great addition for coffee connoisseurs, but not all buyers will appreciate a coffee machine that costs more than a thousand dollars. For a better return on investment, think of projects that would appeal to nearly all buyers. Here are a few ideas to get started.

Open Up a Wall

For homes that were built several decades ago, tastes in floor plans have changed, and cooking has become more of a social activity. Open up the wall between the kitchen and living room, and the kitchen will feel bigger. Instead of a wall, consider setting up a countertop and breakfast bar with stools. Opening up a wall is a relatively expensive choice in a kitchen renovation, but it’s a good investment for old homes where small cooking areas make potential buyers feel cramped.SAMSUNG

New Countertops

Many new types of manufactured countertops such as soapstone or quartzite are now available, and the upgrade can make the whole space look cleaner and more efficient. Old countertops collect chips and blemishes over the years, and potential buyers see replacing countertops in their next home as a time-consuming hassle.

Laminate Flooring

New flooring (especially with a non-porous surface that’s easy to clean) adds value with any kitchen renovation. New laminate flooring options can imitate hardwood floors or tile, and they’re easy to install. Hardwood floors can be a good investment in some rooms, but the kitchen needs a surface that stands up to spills.

Refurbish or Replace Cabinets

After spending a few years in a residential property, people tend to look past the cabinetry, thinking mainly of the items they know to be inside. A prospective buyer pays more attention to the cabinets themselves, including details like the knobs and handles. New paint and hardware can spruce up cabinetry that’s still in good condition.

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