Top Priorities for a Commercial Bathroom Remodel

Designing a bathroom for a commercial space may not be the most exciting aspect of running a business, but it’s critically important to the overall customer experience. MLM Incorporated has helped many small business owners navigate the myriad considerations that go into a bathroom remodel. Here are a few top priorities to consider before starting a commercial bathroom remodel.

Maintenance and Durability

This is one of the key differences between a residential and a commercial remodel. A homeowner might be inclined to use certain countertop materials and fixtures that emphasize form over function. In a commercial space, aesthetics should be taken into consideration but not at the expense of durability. Considering the fact that it will see much more traffic, materials should be able to withstand a higher rate of use. Subway tile for walls and stainless steel splash guards, for example, can make cleaning and maintenance easier.

Utility Costs

All businesses are interested in keeping their variable costs low, and utility bills are front and center among those expenses. Bathrooms use up both water and electricity, and the rate of usage should be considered in a bathroom remodel. Energy-efficient options like low-flow toilets, LED lights for the fixtures, motion sensors, and other gadgets can help cut down on utility bills. While they might be more expensive to purchase or install, they could end up saving money over their lifetime.

Legal Considerations

It may not be self-evident, but there are a number of different legal considerations that go into a bathroom remodel. At the local level, building codes might dictate everything from the number of stalls needed based on building occupancy to the width of the entryway. There’s also the Americans with Disabilities Act to consider, a federal regulation on things like wheelchair access that sets out rules to keep in mind when remodeling a commercial bathroom.

MLM Incorporated has experience with a great variety of commercial construction projects. We can walk business owners and developers through every stage of a remodel or new construction. Contact MLM Incorporated today at 504-322-7050.

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