What Comes First: Wall Color or Flooring in a Remodel?

Once the fun stuff has been taken care of—picking out a color scheme, determining the new layout, deciding on a design style—it’s time to start on the nitty-gritty work of remodeling a home. But before getting down to business, many smart homeowners find themselves pondering the big chicken-or-egg question of home renovation: Which should be done first, painting or flooring? The interior of a newly renovated house from MLM Incorporated in New Orleans, LA

The short answer is that it depends. There are valid arguments on either side of the debate, and it’s really up to homeowners to decide whether to start with one or the other.

Starting With Flooring

Beginning a home renovation with the flooring has benefits from both design and logistical perspectives. While walls can be repainted or papered over at any time, installing wood, laminate, tile, or carpet is a much more disruptive process, and the finished product can’t be changed without a lot of work. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to at least pick out the type of flooring first. It will be a much more permanent element of a room, and it’s easier to adjust wall or furniture colors to match the floors later than vice versa.

But beyond choosing what flooring is best for a room from an aesthetic perspective, there are also practical considerations. Installing flooring is gritty work, and baseboards and walls can be easily damaged in the process. Homeowners looking to avoid having to touch up nicked or scratched walls might want to start with flooring for this reason.

Starting With Wall Color

Wall color is a critical aspect of a room’s personality, and it is key when it comes to all other design choices. From a design perspective, this is why homeowners may want to begin with the walls. Their colors will determine how well everything else works in a room, especially the flooring.

Logistically speaking, it may also be smart to start with the walls because a lot of flooring takes time to set properly. Surviving a home renovation will be a lot easier if homeowners aren’t impeded from doing additional work because they’re unable to walk on unfinished floors.

All in all, owners should determine the best order depending on their unique home remodeling situation. When in doubt, work with a professional contractor to determine the top priorities.

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