What Countertops Will Work Best for You?

New Orleans Transitional Kitchen -  MLM IncorporatedCountertops can be the crowning jewel of a kitchen or bath remodeling project. Choosing the right material is a key consideration for both look and functionality. There are some similarities in cost and durability, but without a trusted guide, the vast world of countertops can be a little difficult to follow.

Especially when undergoing a kitchen remodeling project, homeowners should be open and honest about their cooking habits and the overall use of the kitchen. Bathroom counters take a lot less of a beating since they are not apt to come into contact with hot pots and pans or acidic foods that can eat away at a counter’s seal. Overall, homeowners should never sacrifice functionality for aesthetics. That’s a mistake that always ends up with costly consequences.

The Heavy Hitters

Granite has become the top choice in kitchen counters. It comes in a variety of shades and price points and, being a natural substance, allows for no two pieces to ever be the same. Granite can be purchased for countertop applications in any big box store. However, more unique granite options can only be found through your contractor at a stone specialist.

Cost depends on availability, which is generally dictated by color and country of origin. All granite is durable and fairly easy to maintain. Additionally, granite bought in slabs can be used in other places throughout the house while keeping costs fairly low. This could make that bathroom remodeling project come to fruition a lot quicker than previously thought!

Soapstone, marble, and limestone are other natural stone options. They are beautiful, but durability is a bit elusive due to their softer nature. Aesthetically, classic marble adds a sophisticated touch. Soapstone offers a period look to older, cottage style homes, and can be durable with regular polishing and oiling. All options will require periodic sealing to help deter stains, chips, and knife marks.

Other Options

Quartz countertops have become a huge player within New Orleans kitchen remodeling projects. This material, as well as other solid surface options like Corian, is built to withstand anything regular kitchen activities can throw at it. They offer a more contemporary feel than natural stone options, and they are a beautiful addition to a kitchen that requires extreme durability.

Butcher block is a traditional option that has made a comeback recently. It exudes old world charm and takes on more and more character with age. Though it does require regular oiling and some maintenance, butcher block is built to last through generations of regular use.

Work with an expert on your next kitchen remodeling project to ensure that the right material is chosen.

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