Which Room Should Be Renovated First?

Before diving headfirst into a home renovation project, take some time to plan things out. While there is no right or wrong answer regarding what to renovate first, here are some suggestions.

Start With the Bathrooms

Image of a nice bathroom designed by MLM Incorporated in New Orleans, LAA great place to start, a bathroom remodel will require new fixtures. Depending on the extent of the renovation, plumbing work can get complicated. Getting this done first gets some of the most challenging work out of the way, provides a tremendous sense of achievement, and, of course, leaves the household with beautiful bathrooms. Another reason to do bathrooms first is that if any leaks arise and other parts of the house get damaged, it’s not as big of a deal—the damaged sections will be redone anyway. For more bathroom remodel tips, peruse this helpful checklist.

Flooring Should Come Early

The next logical step is to work on the floors. Whether installing new carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl, or tile, doing the floors means moving everything off of them. Once the new floors are in, furniture can be moved back, and the home renovation can proceed more easily.

Get the Kitchen in Order

Brightening an outdated kitchen is one of the most rewarding parts of home remodeling. Having a new kitchen with updated counters, cabinets, colors, and appliances can make the whole house feel brand new. Do this early, but be sure to protect the new floors! For more kitchen remodeling advice, check out this list of top trends for 2017.

Main Living Spaces Next

With the biggest jobs out of the way, it’s time to focus on the home’s living areas. Paint the walls, add textures, replace windows if needed, and update furniture. Add artistic touches or special design flairs, but maintain a cohesive feel throughout.

Finally, the Bedrooms

The home renovation is almost complete. Each bedroom should reflect the personalities of its occupants. Have fun with colors and styles. Don’t forget to add enough storage space. The bedrooms need to be the right blend of practical, comfortable, and personalized.

With the order of things thought out in advance, home remodels should proceed as smoothly as possible.

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