Bathroom Remodel? Four Lighting Tips to Consider

The right lighting is an important component of any home renovation project and can make or break a room’s overall ambiance. Homeowners should consider these four tips when selecting light fixtures for a bathroom remodel.

1. Create Layers of Lighting

Consider the range of grooming tasks completed in the bathroom, such as tweezing, shaving, and makeup application. A layered lighting scheme allows homeowners to adjust lighting to the optimal level for each task. In addition to bath bars or vanity lights mounted with the mirror, a ceiling light with a dimmer provides general illumination. Other options to combine with your bathroom remodel lighting scheme include waterproof shower LEDs, decorative wall sconces, or even scaled-down chandeliers.

2. Choose the Right Placement

For the most flattering glow, we recommend wall-mounted fixtures on either side of the main mirror. Avoid placing a directional light above the mirror, which casts shadows on the face. Placement of general illumination, ambient, and decorative lighting is more flexible depending on the shape and layout of the bathroom.

3. Select the Right Wattage

Lighting fixtures around the mirror should be able to support 75 to 100 watts of light. This provides the brightness needed to see well for intricate tasks. In a powder room, about 40 watts is sufficient.

4. Highlight Beauty

Strategically place accent lighting to draw the eye to favorite architectural features or pieces of artwork. Recessed directional lights are ideal for this purpose. As for decorative lighting, a small square bathroom can support a single pendant, while a larger rectangular master bath works best with two or three.

MLM Incorporated provides expert bathroom remodel services for clients throughout New Orleans, including historic renovation services. We strive to create beautiful, innovative designs supported by high-quality workmanship. Homeowners considering a bathroom renovation can explore the online gallery of our work for inspiration.

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