Four Easy Ways to Add Character to a New Home

modern interior design - MLM IncorporatedNewer homes are attractive because they offer contemporary designs, open layouts, and modern features. But some buyers find new homes to be a turn-off because many of them lack the character that older, lived-in homes provide. Fortunately, there are a number of new construction renovation projects, from a total kitchen remodel or bath renewal project to accent and accessory upgrades, that will give buyers that character they crave.

Accessories Matter

There are countless small accents in any home that could be replaced with more stylish ones—think of doorknobs, drawer pulls, and electrical outlet or light switch covers. It only costs a few dollars to update these fixtures with new or antique ones that match the personality and style of the homeowner. Architectural antique stores are excellent places to track down old pieces that will add just as much new life to a home as a renovation project.

Lighting is Everything

Lighting can have a dramatic effect on a room, and updating the fixtures doesn’t have to require big bucks. This is a great option for homeowners, whether they’re undergoing a complete kitchen or bath renewal project or just making a few small changes. Chandeliers, for example, can create a bold statement in an entryway or kitchen. Many thrift stores and home stores frequently have lighting fixtures in a variety of styles.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Mirrors aren’t just for checking reflections; they’re actually incredibly useful when it comes to improving the outlook of a room. Mirrors reflect light, so they make a room look both bigger and brighter. And they work anywhere, from the entranceway to the hallway. Antique mirrors can often be found at thrift stores, estate sales, or salvage stores and, with a little paint, be transformed into an elegant wall fixture.

Look Up!

Don’t ignore the ceiling! Transforming a plain, boring ceiling into one reminiscent of another century can do wonders for a room. Coffering a ceiling or adding panels or faux wood beams can be relatively simple with the help of a contractor experienced in new construction renovation. The best part is that this is a project that can be done to add an element of character in every room of the house or just one.

Our Gallery offers plenty of inspiration for adding unique features and character to any home during a new construction renovation project.

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