Four Timeless Bathroom Tile Trends to Try

With so many incredible bathroom tile choices, it’s easy for homeowners to create a relaxing retreat that fits their style aesthetic. But when following bathroom trends, be sure to choose designs that won’t look dated in a decade. Here are four hot bathroom tile trends that will stand the test of time.

1. Variations on Subway Tile

It’s impossible to go wrong with this modern classic, and 2017 put a few spins on subway tile that homeowners will love for years to come. Rather than the traditional rectangular shape, designers are showing a longer, slimmer version of this iconic tile, as well as oversized versions of the subway look. Another option? Have the tiles placed vertically rather than horizontally for a fresh take.

2. Natural Stone

As natural stone has remained a popular option for several years, it’s entered the pantheon of modern classics when it comes to bathroom trends. This year, the trendiest option is a sandy, desert-inspired finish rather than the deep grays of years past. The current hottest materials are travertine, granite, and tumbled stone.

3. Hexagon Mosaic Tile

The appeal of this tile shape is that it looks dynamic even in “safe” color options like neutrals and bright whites. That makes it a good timeless choice for homeowners who want to add interest and eye-catching detail but don’t want to be stuck with the same color palette for years to come. Plus, this classic style blends well with the historical details found in many New Orleans homes.

4. Herringbone Patterns

Like hexagons, this classic option is all about adding visual interest through the use of intricate patterns. For an updated look that will remain in vogue through the years, a slightly oversized tile is trendy.

When planning for a home renovation, consider not only the biggest bathroom trends right now but also how the tile and other fixtures will affect eventual resale value. It’s a smart decision to balance the look of the moment with personal aesthetics and timeless appeal. Browse the MLM gallery to find ideas for your bathroom renovation.

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