Three Laws of Contemporary Cafe Design

A great cafe is more than a sum of its parts. To craft a space that inspires creativity, offers exciting fare, and generates an inimitable buzz, integrate these concepts into the cafe design.

1. Movie Star Lighting

With the widespread use of smartphones, every customer is a photographer–and a potential promoter. The flatware is tasteful, the latte art is on point, and the salads are colorful and fresh. But can the lighting do it justice? It is great to have low light and natural light in a cafe, but a general contractor can step it up with a masterful and varied use of hardware: floor lights, recessed lights, and track lights over the bar. Don’t forget to properly illuminate any art pieces the cafe is showcasing.

Open Kitchen Design - MLM Incorporated2. Open Kitchen

Customers want to know where their food comes from, but they are also curious about how it is handled. By making the preparation process transparent, an open kitchen design can also highlight the skills of the kitchen talent. Commercial renovation of the kitchen is also a chance for the cafe to show off its state-of-the-art equipment and high standards of cleanliness.

3. Seating for Every Occasion

A good cafe is a place to grab a coffee, but a great cafe makes customers want to stop and chat, work on a project, or meet their friends for lunch. By providing a variety of seating options for every mood and purpose, a cafe can make the best use of its space. Stools by the window for those having a quiet day with a book, small tables with comfortable chairs for intimate friends, bar seating for those just dropping in for a cup of joe or the soup du jour, and larger tables for business meetings are all essential components of a versatile cafe.

To best integrate these trends of cafe design, a general contractor can oversee any commercial renovation. Whatever the combination of traits, the most successful cafes are those with that extra something.

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