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  • 3 Tips for Branding an Office Remodel

    Beginning an office remodel or commercial renovation is the perfect opportunity to incorporate branding throughout the space. Rather than relying on outdated posters and placards, businesses will have the chance to seamlessly bring their brand into the new design. Here are a few tips to help put a stamp on the entire office space. Start […]

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  • How to Tackle Retail Renovations for Your Business

    When it comes to remodeling a business or retail space, making the decision can seem daunting. However, retail renovations can dramatically change the way customers view a business and may even lead to an increase in sales, revenue, and perceived value of the company. There are a few things to consider before taking the leap […]

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  • Creating a Happier Office Space

    When searching for a new workplace or planning a commercial renovation project, here are some ways to incorporate greater employee happiness and satisfaction into the very structure of the office. Workspaces Employee workstations should reflect company culture. A company that encourages collegial cooperation should consider ditching individual offices or cubicles in favor of an open-structure […]

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  • Upgrade Your Retail Space With Innovative Technology

    As technology continues its ever-upward climb, retailers are forced to stay current or risk losing customers. Installing new technology into retail spaces gives customers the purchase experiences they desire. Commercial construction services will assist business owners with renovations that keep a company on the cutting edge. Fitting Room Modifications New technology has arrived in fitting […]

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  • Crescent City Comeback: Local Businesses After Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on New Orleans on a horrifying and unprecedented scale. Nearly 2,000 lives were lost, 300,000 homes were destroyed, and over $81 billion in property damage was done. Eleven years later, the Crescent City has risen anew from the depths of the floodwater. Today, New Orleans is moving forward with new residential […]

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  • Choosing the Right Office Design to Enhance Employee Productivity

    Choosing the Right Office Design to Enhance Employee Productivity

    When it comes to the interior design of a workspace, employers have an opportunity to enhance productivity and improve employee morale. Here’s what employers should know when it comes to office design and remodeling ideas to improve the workplace. Can Layout Improve Productivity? Studies have shown that employee productivity can be affected by an office’s […]

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  • Standing Out: Storefront Design Tips for Any Retailer

    Standing Out: Storefront Design Tips for Any Retailer

    How people feel when they enter your retail Storefront Design Tips will ultimately impact how long they stay and how much they spend. When considering retail store construction, set yourself up for success by working with a creative and innovative designer and builder that understands retail store layout and has positive reviews from prior clients. […]

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  • Optimize Your Grocery Store’s Layout

    Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows that the appearance and layout of the store can make or break the shopping experience. A store that’s simple, attractive, and easy to navigate encourages customers to spend more money and return in the future. A store that’s crowded or confusing does the opposite. That’s why commercial […]

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  • Taking Your Business Home: Three Things to Consider When Operating a Business on a Residential Property

    A walk down Magazine Street will reveal the trend among business owners to turn historic residential properties into charming, eclectic office spaces for their businesses. Whether business owners are looking to start a new company from their own home or to move their existing business into a residential property, there are a few things to […]

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  • How to Make the Most of Your Trade Show Exhibit

    A trade show exhibit is a remarkable tool to generate and increase business. “You get so much done in two days that you could not imagine getting done in six months or a year,” says Asif Kahn, founder and CEO of a healthcare technology company. Below are some great tips to help you make the […]

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