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  • Neighborhood Spotlight: Exploring the Garden District

    Known all over the United States for its stunning historical beauty, the New Orleans Garden District is truly one-of-a-kind. Running from St. Charles Avenue to Magazine Street and from Jackson Avenue to Louisiana Avenue, this beautiful area is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike. Famous Roots Used as a setting for many motion […]

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  • 4 Neighborhoods on the Rise in New Orleans

    4 Neighborhoods on the Rise in New Orleans

    Nightlife, food, and culture—New Orleans has it all. It’s a city rich in history, but it’s constantly becoming a more desirable place to live in for those of all age groups. Whether you’re looking for a new place to call home or to explore, here are four neighborhoods on the rise in New Orleans right […]

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  • Popular New Orleans Home Designs and Where to Find Them

    Popular New Orleans Home Designs and Where to Find Them

    New Orleans homes are among some of the most unique in the South, and it’s no wonder so many tourists marvel at the distinct local architecture. It is recommended that every visitor watches for these four distinct New Orleans home designs to get a true feel for the local real estate. Creole Cottages When it […]

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  • The Top Problems to Look for When Buying a Historic Home

    Homes built 50 years ago or more can receive an official designation as a historic home, giving them special protections. Even though an older home can offer a unique, charming character, it may require more maintenance. Before moving in, watch out for these serious problems and commonly needed updates. Top Problems Three of the most […]

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  • Taking Your Business Home: Three Things to Consider When Operating a Business on a Residential Property

    A walk down Magazine Street will reveal the trend among business owners to turn historic residential properties into charming, eclectic office spaces for their businesses. Whether business owners are looking to start a new company from their own home or to move their existing business into a residential property, there are a few things to […]

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  • Celebrity Homes in New Orleans

    Through the years, and even the centuries, historic New Orleans has been home to some pretty famous people. From musicians like Louis Armstrong to chefs like Paul Prudhomme, from writers like William Faulkner to pirates like Jean Lafitte, and from mob bosses like Sylvestro Carolla to superstar athletes like the Mannings, New Orleans has its […]

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  • Registering a Home as Historic

    The United States government maintains an official list of historic places. The structures included on this list receive special protection to preserve them and keep them beautiful. People who own old homes might wish to learn how their houses can be included on this list; however, depending on the property, homeowners may need to comply […]

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  • Catch the Parade, Then Take a Walk Back in Time

    Not many American cities can hold a candle to historic New Orleans house design. Ripe with Queen Anne style residences designed by the iconic architect Thomas Sully, the St. Charles Avenue district is one of the best examples of historic preservation of both architecture and culture. A main thoroughfare of the famous Mardi Gras parade […]

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  • What to Do With That Fireplace You’re Not Using

    Traditional New Orleans home design often makes the fireplace the centerpiece of the home. Fireplaces do, in fact, make a beautiful design statement, but historic remodeling in New Orleans can be dealt a blow with a nonworking fireplace. Fireplace repair and reassembly are costly, but it is possible to keep the stunning look of an […]

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  • The Shotgun House, Then and Now

    The shotgun house is a long narrow, one-story home design quintessential to the architectural landscape of New Orleans. It is also seen around the Caribbean (particularly Haiti) and in a few other parts of the American South. The popular folklore behind the name comes from the idea of shooting a bullet straight through the front […]

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