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  • Transform Your Kitchen With New Backsplash Tiles

    Transform Your Kitchen With New Backsplash Tiles

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned home cook or the local pizza joint knows you by name, the kitchen is still an important room in any home. There are endless ways to personalize a kitchen, from changing paint colors to undertaking a complete kitchen remodeling project. To add a fun pop of color or […]

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  • Four Easy Ways to Add Character to a New Home

    Newer homes are attractive because they offer contemporary designs, open layouts, and modern features. But some buyers find new homes to be a turn-off because many of them lack the character that older, lived-in homes provide. Fortunately, there are a number of new construction renovation projects, from a total kitchen remodel or bath renewal project […]

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  • Enhancing Home Value with Renovations

    Many people plan home remodeling to make a house more pleasant or enjoyable. As real as these benefits are, there are other advantages to home renovation. A construction project with a general contractor can enhance the value of a residence significantly, depending on the type of work performed. Plumbing Work One of the most effective […]

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  • Three Laws of Contemporary Cafe Design

    A great cafe is more than a sum of its parts. To craft a space that inspires creativity, offers exciting fare, and generates an inimitable buzz, integrate these concepts into the cafe design. 1. Movie Star Lighting With the widespread use of smartphones, every customer is a photographer–and a potential promoter. The flatware is tasteful, […]

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  • What Countertops Will Work Best for You?

    Countertops can be the crowning jewel of a kitchen or bath remodeling project. Choosing the right material is a key consideration for both look and functionality. There are some similarities in cost and durability, but without a trusted guide, the vast world of countertops can be a little difficult to follow. Especially when undergoing a […]

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  • What Home Renovation Projects Add the Most Value?

    Seldom do buyers find a house that they do not want to remodel or change in order to make it the home of their dreams. Home renovation is common, but which changes are going to put money back in the bank when it comes time to sell? Kitchens One of the biggest payoffs is the […]

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