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  • Three Simple Ways to Remodel a Home to Make It Look New

    Making an upgrade to your home doesn’t have to require contractors, several trips to the home improvement store or a lot of money. There are several ways to change up the rooms in your house. With a few simple touches, your friends and family will be amazed at the difference. Kitchen Clean-Up A kitchen can […]

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  • Beginning Your Remodeling Adventure: Start from Scratch or Take on a Fixer-Upper?

    Home buying is an exciting process as buyers search for the place where they want to live and possibly raise a family. When someone decides they want a home that is uniquely their own, the next step is deciding if they want to build a new construction home or if they want to overhaul a […]

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  • Tips for Surviving a House Remodel

    Tips for Surviving a House Remodel

    Home remodeling promises homeowners new and innovative spaces to enjoy. However, before arriving at the enjoyment phase, it’s necessary to get through the renovation work. While some people choose to vacate the premises to live in a rental, others opt to ride out the storm in the midst of the chaos. Living in the house […]

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  • Building a Pet-Friendly Home

    It’s possible to live happily and peacefully with animals in a residence. Home remodeling can help consumers ensure that everyone coexists positively with a few simple steps. Make a Designated Space Everyone needs their own space, including animals. Home remodeling can help create a special area for furry family members to relax. Adding a gate […]

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  • What Countertops Will Work Best for You?

    Countertops can be the crowning jewel of a kitchen or bath remodeling project. Choosing the right material is a key consideration for both look and functionality. There are some similarities in cost and durability, but without a trusted guide, the vast world of countertops can be a little difficult to follow. Especially when undergoing a […]

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  • What to Do With That Fireplace You’re Not Using

    Traditional New Orleans home design often makes the fireplace the centerpiece of the home. Fireplaces do, in fact, make a beautiful design statement, but historic remodeling in New Orleans can be dealt a blow with a nonworking fireplace. Fireplace repair and reassembly are costly, but it is possible to keep the stunning look of an […]

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  • Understanding Common Home Vocabulary

    When it comes to homeownership or home renovation, there are terms that everyone should know and understand. The most common term used by homeowners and buyers alike is mortgage. This is a lien or claim against the property given to the buyer by their lender. It helps to secure the money necessary to purchase the […]

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