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  • Bathroom Transformations to Relax and Refresh

    Whether getting ready for the day or preparing for bed in the evening, many people spend a lot of time in one particular room in their home: the bathroom. It makes sense that a homeowner would want this space to be somewhere where they feel relaxed and refreshed. With some simple bathroom remodeling, homeowners can […]

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  • Tips For Kitchen Renovation And Upgrades

    A kitchen remodel is a common way to add value to a home, but not all projects are a good investment for a property that’s about to go onto the market. Installing an expensive, built-in coffee machine, for example, may be a great addition for coffee connoisseurs, but not all buyers will appreciate a coffee […]

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  • Beginning Your Remodeling Adventure: Start from Scratch or Take on a Fixer-Upper?

    Home buying is an exciting process as buyers search for the place where they want to live and possibly raise a family. When someone decides they want a home that is uniquely their own, the next step is deciding if they want to build a new construction home or if they want to overhaul a […]

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  • Making the Most of Outdoor Living Areas

    Enjoying the outdoors during warm weather appeals to many families. Optimizing outdoor living areas ensures that everyone will enjoy the deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen. New home construction or home remodeling often won’t be complete without considering sp ots for congregating outside in the yard. Create Comfort Comfort will be one of the main ways […]

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  • Tips for Surviving a House Remodel

    Tips for Surviving a House Remodel

    Home remodeling promises homeowners new and innovative spaces to enjoy. However, before arriving at the enjoyment phase, it’s necessary to get through the renovation work. While some people choose to vacate the premises to live in a rental, others opt to ride out the storm in the midst of the chaos. Living in the house […]

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  • Pros and Cons of Some of the Most Popular Kitchen Styles

    Pros and Cons of Some of the Most Popular Kitchen Styles

    When doing your next home renovation, Kitchen Styles remodeling may be on the top of your checklist. Here are some of the pros and cons of some of the most popular kitchen layout designs. Large and Open This style of kitchen lends itself to creative types and those needing plenty of space for family gatherings. […]

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  • Preparing a Home for the Heat of Summer

    Preparing a Home for the Heat of Summer

    The summer months can boast numerous potential sources of damage to a home, including insect infestations, moisture, storms, and high temperatures. To prevent costly repairs, a savvy homeowner will prepare a residence with prudent home design prior to the summer to help it withstand common issues. Air Conditioning Cooling systems need to be checked to […]

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    Where Should You Begin Your Home Renovation?

    Whether remodeling a single room of their home or undertaking a whole home renovation project, there are many important questions homeowners should consider before getting started. MLM tackles a few of these tough questions to make any home remodeling project more successful. Question: “How do I know which rooms should be renovated?” Answer: Home remodeling […]

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  • Tips for Furnishing Your Home and Living Area

    Depending on your design expertise, furnishing your home can either be an exciting adventure or a terrifying nightmare. Unfortunately, many people are shy when it comes to home furnishings because they aren’t sure what pieces go together, what’s in style, or even where to begin. Whether you’re renovating your home or decorating your new construction, […]

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  • Transform Your Kitchen With New Backsplash Tiles

    Transform Your Kitchen With New Backsplash Tiles

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned home cook or the local pizza joint knows you by name, the kitchen is still an important room in any home. There are endless ways to personalize a kitchen, from changing paint colors to undertaking a complete kitchen remodeling project. To add a fun pop of color or […]

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